Feet On Fire competes at 6 regional competitions and 1 national competition each year.

Feet on Fire is CDE’s Award winning competitive clogging team, consisting of over 40 members,

including our adult team.

CDE also has an exhibition clogging team that is currently composed of 9 members.

 FOF strives to maintain the traditions and roots of clogging, while also pushing forward with contemporary styles and techniques.  Team Directors, Colleen & Michelle, seek to teach members the importance of hard work, perseverance, and unity through their experiences while on FOF.

“Stay Humble, Hustle Hard”

Feet On Fire

Competitive Clogging Dress Code

All Teams:

Form fitting athletic dance attire is required. Hair must be pulled back. Please, no jewelry or dangly earrings. Students can be sized for shoes, in our CDE Apparel. The student’s name should be written in each shoe and shoes should be kept in their dance bag. Please do not wear shoes outside. This damages the shoes and may subsequently damage the dance floors. Competitive clogging students must have 2 pairs of shoes on hand at all times.

Required Shoes:

  • White split-sole Dancing Fair clogging shoes w/ Buck Taps (2 pairs required)

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