CDE is streaming LIVE online dance classes to continue training and preparing for our upcoming 2020 Showcase!


 Our Mission-

       CDE is a community of dancers & parents who push and support one another, helping students to grow into strong dancers with exceptional skill & heart. Our dance studio is located in Garner, NC but is also home to many dancers throughout the Triangle!

       At CDE, we want to help create an environment where students feel safe to push themselves, try new things, and have high aspirations. Our goal is to help every student grow, learn, and be their best! Our staff is dedicated to teaching proper technique in all dance forms, along with using age appropriate terminology and dance moves. CDE is proud to have a staff that is so committed and enthusiastic about helping students become well-rounded and high quality dancers.

       CDE knows the importance of community and family; therefore, we strive to create real relationships with students and parents. We also want our dance family to be a part of our local community by giving back to the area that has supported us for so long. CDE enjoys participating in local events, collecting or fundraising for local charities, and performing all around the community.

Upcoming Studio Events

“My hope is that when they leave the studio, they feel confident, valued, and loved.”

-Christy Wood, Owner