Classes at our Garner studio will SAFELY* resume in June and we’d love for you to be a part of the Christy’s DancExplosion (CDE) family.  At CDE, we deliver high quality instruction in each dance form. You’ll find class options for all ages and skills levels and class sizes are kept small to give individual attention to each dancer, whether in person or online.

Voted #1 Dance Studio in North Carolina!
~ WRAL’s Voters’ Choice Awards 2017!

Registration is NOW OPEN for June!

To ensure individual attention, we’re keeping both in person and online classes small which means spots are extremely limited and will go fast!

June 2020 Class Tuition Policies:

No Registration Fee for the month of June!

Refunds are not available for June tuition after registration is received.

June tuition is based on the total amount of time each dancer is in class(es) per week. Tuition is the same for in person classes and virtual classes.

Tuition is not prorated for absences or studio closures.

Total tuition is determined by the total amount of time your dancer receives instruction per week. To determine family tuition, total each individual’s tuition, and take a 10% discount on the lesser individual amount. For example: Child 1 takes 2 hours: $97, Child 2 takes 1hr: $65 minus 10% ($6.50)= $58.50, Total family tuition is $155.50 per month.

How to Register:

1. View the June class schedule HERE. Classes for June are labeled “2020 Summer”.
2. Click “Register” on the left of the class you’d like to enroll your dancer in.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to double-check if the class is in person or virtual.
3. Complete and submit the registration form. Your spot is not secured until the form has been submitted.

*The safety of our students is our number one concern and we will be complying with all of the North Carolina health guidelines for safe operation during June. Classes will not exceed 10 total people. This includes the instructor and also parents for our younger dancers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

June Tuition Rates

Christy’s DancExplosion (CDE) uses a sliding scale to calculate tuition rates. Add up the amount of time per week of instruction, then slide over and find the rate of tuition per month.

June 2020 Tuition Information
Time of instruction per week Monthly Tuition Time of instruction per week Monthly Tuition
30 min $48 3 hr 45 min $159
45 min $60 4 hours $167
1 hour $65 4 hr 15 min $174
1 hr 15 min $72 4 hr 30 min $178
1 hr 30 min $80 4 hr 45 min $184
1 hr 45 min $89 5 hours $190
2 hours $100 5 hr 15 min $196
2 hr 15 min $107 5 hr 30 min $201
2 hr 30 min $115 5 hr 45 min $207
2 hr 45 min $125 6 hours $213
3 hours $138 6 hr 15 min $219
3 hr 15 min $146 6 hr 30 min $224
3 hr 30 min $153 6 hr 45 min $230
7+ hours $234