FREE 7 Day Trial

Trial Registration Instructions:

  1. Click on the “REGISTER HERE” button & fill out the Registration form.
  2. Select the available classes you and/or your dancer would like to trial.
    *NOTE:  you MUST select “Yes” for each class when it asks if you want to trial. Some classes are wait-listed, meaning they are full or not in session. See the button “Trial Class Schedule – PDF” for an overview of highlighted classes that are available to trail.
  3. Read through and check the red boxes on our Required Policies & Agreement form.
  4. Enter payment method: YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED, but we still need to have it on file.
  5. Submit registration and get excited to dance with our CDE Family!

Before Trialing:

  1. Register online or arrive at least 20 minutes before your first trail class to register online in our office!
  2. Plan to meet with us in the office 20 minutes before your trial class starts, or any earlier time before your class. We will introduce you to our studio, give you our welcome packet, and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Class attire & shoes are listed in the “New Student Welcome Packet” but those class requirements are not required for trial students. Any form fitting athletic apparel is required for trial students. If you don’t have the required shoes, you may dance barefoot when trialing.

After Trialing:

  1. We’d love to meet with you and see how you liked your class(es)! If you enroll before leaving the studio, after your last trial class, your registration fee is waived ($25 value)!
  2. If you and/or your danced has decided to enroll in class(es), please notify our office in person, over the phone or via email so we can change the enrollment status from “Trial Student” to “Trial-Enrolled Student”.
  3. You can then follow our registration page for questions on billing and tuition!

Thank you for your interest!