Classes at our Garner studio have SAFELY* started and we’d love for you to be a part of the Christy’s DancExplosion (CDE) family. CDE is a community of dancers & parents, encouraging & supporting one another. Our goal is to help students grow into strong dancers with exceptional skill & heart.

Voted #1 Dance Studio in North Carolina!
~ WRAL’s Voters’ Choice Awards 2017!

Registration is NOW OPEN for our 21st Season!

To ensure individual attention, we’re keeping both in person and online classes small which means spots are extremely limited and will fill quickly!

Girls Dancing Garner Dance Studio

Girl in Dance outfit Garner Dance Studio

Steps we are taking:

The safety and health of your child is our number one concern. Which is why we’ll be taking the following measures to ensure all of our dancers remain safe while at our studio.

  • Upon arrival: We’ll issue temperature checks with non-contact thermometer and hand sanitizer
  • *Parents will not be allowed in the building
  • Water fountains will be closed – we recommended your child bring a personal water bottle
  • Community props will not be used. (individual prop kits will be available for all tot, tiny and mini classes excluding tumble/acro)
  • During class, dancers will be kept at a safe distance from others
  • All studio and building touch points will be disinfected between each class
  • Restrooms will be disinfected multiple times per day
  • Safety Data Sheets will be posted throughout the studio
  • We are asking everyone that enters the studio to wear a mask (We have dancers that have been in a mask for 3+ weeks during choreography classes and it is going great!)
  • CDE has completed the “Count on Me NC” Business Training*Tot and Tiny classes: 1 parent with a mask may enter the studio to observe class until your dancer is comfortable. After a couple classes, we ask parents to wait in your vehicle or run an errand while the dancer is in class. If a situation arises and we need to contact you, we will reach out immediately via phone call.

Financial Obligation at time of registration:

Membership Fee: $25 per student
Last month’s tuition (May 2021)
Prop Fee: $30 (Tot, Tiny, and Mini Classes)

 2020-2021 Class Tuition Policies:

Monthly tuition is based on the total amount of time each dancer is in class(es) per week. Tuition is the same for in person classes and virtual classes. Tuition is not prorated for absences or studio closures. Total tuition is determined by the total amount of time your dancer receives instruction per week. To determine family tuition, total each individual’s tuition, and take a 10% discount on the lesser individual amount. For example: Child 1 takes 2 hours: $100, Child 2 takes 1hr: $67 minus 10% ($6.70)= $60.30, Total family tuition is $160.30 per month.

How to Register:

1. View the 2020-2021 class schedule HERE. Classes for our 21st season are labeled “2020-2021”.

2. Click “Register” on the left of the class you’d like to enroll your dancer in. IMPORTANT: If you prefer that your dancer take class virtually, please leave a note on your registration.

3. Complete and submit the registration form. Your spot is not secured until the form has been submitted.

*We value our dance community and understand the importance of providing a healthy environment for our families and staff. As information on the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and we gain knowledge on best practices, we promise to keep you informed and implement the proper procedures–prioritizing your safety. Thank you for your trust in DancExplosion as we navigate this together!

2020 – 2021 Tuition Rates

Christy’s DancExplosion (CDE) uses a sliding scale to calculate tuition rates. Add up the amount of time per week of instruction, then slide over and find the rate of tuition per month.

2020-2021 Tuition Information
Time of instruction per week Monthly Tuition Time of instruction per week Monthly Tuition
30 min $50 3 hr 45 min $159
45 min $60 4 hours $167
1 hour $67 4 hr 15 min $174
1 hr 15 min $74 4 hr 30 min $178
1 hr 30 min $82 4 hr 45 min $184
1 hr 45 min $91 5 hours $190
2 hours $100 5 hr 15 min $196
2 hr 15 min $107 5 hr 30 min $201
2 hr 30 min $115 5 hr 45 min $207
2 hr 45 min $125 6 hours $213
3 hours $138 6 hr 15 min $219
3 hr 15 min $146 6 hr 30 min $224
3 hr 30 min $153 6 hr 45 min $230
7+ hours $234